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ProSolarClean, LLC. was established to meet the emerging and growing demand for professional cleaning of solar (PV) grid tied installations throughout California in 2012. Our professional team utilizes the latest in solar cleaning technology to properly clean solar panels. The end result is a perfectly clean, clear and spot free surface which will leave the solar panels operating at maximum efficiency once again.


Our cleaning process uses no chemicals and is 100% environmentally friendly.  The water is de-ionized and contains no minerals or salts. It dries very quickly because the water has been de-ionized, the microscopic dirt particles, which would normally remain on the glass when cleaning with ordinary water, bond to the de-ionized water molecules and are removed immediately.


Our trained, professional staff utilizes the latest German technology with equipment specifically designed for cleaning solar panels using "Pure" water and soft powered brushes. We'll get the job done safely, efficiently and economically with no disruption to your system.

Ordinary tap water or well water contains a variety of minerals including magnesium salt and calcium carbonate, which can leave hard water stains and spots on the glass. These can be extremely difficult to remove and can actually burn into the glass surface, permanently damaging it. Ordinary water also dries very slowly which gives airborne particles time to cling to the wet surface as it dries. Pure water is just that ..."Pure".


We offer one time cleaning services or can develop a regular maintenance plan designed to meet individual customer needs.

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We welcome all residential or commercial inquiries for ANY size of installation.


The ProSolarClean, LLC. professional team has extensive knowledge of solar panel installations.  We provide our cleaning services to commercial & institutional customers, utility companies as well as private customers. Our team is capable of cleaning any type or size of solar installation; flat roof, sloped roof, tracker or ground mount. We have the right equipment and expertise to get the job done safely, efficiently and economically.