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Do I need to clean my solar panels?

A: Yes, you should.

Solar panels are designed to capture the suns energy with maximum efficiency. However, over time a panel's efficiency is reduced as contaminants accumulate on the glass surface. Even minor accumulations of airborne particles can drastically reduce the efficiency of a panel from 10% - 30%. In extreme cases, reductions of up to 40% have been encountered. This can seriously affect the energy you produce and subsequently the revenue you generate from your investment.


Does rain or snow clean my solar panels?

A: Contrary to what many people believe, rainwater or snow will not effectively clean your solar panels, just like they will not properly clean the windows of your home or your car.


How ofter should I clean my solar panels?

A: Many factors play role in frequency of solar panel cleaning. Some residential installation can be cleaned annually, but some require cleaning at least 2x year.

Some of the factors are:

1.  Location (does it rain regularly or only during certain months).

2.  The tilt angle of your panels (steeply tilted panels tend to stay much cleaner than panels that are close to horizontal),.

3. The amount of wind blown dust .

4. The electric rate (if your electric rate is high then it is more worthwhile to clean your panels).


Can I do it myself?

A: Attempting to clean your panels with a hose and an ordinary brush is NOT a good idea. Besides the obvious risk of injury to yourself, you could damage the panels by not having the proper equipment. Brushes which are too hard, insufficient water flow, the wrong type of water or using washers all can cause permanent damage.


How much does it cost?

A: Depends on the accessibility, frequency and size of the installation. Typical residential installation runs between $175 - $325.  For commercial installation please call 707.799.2797.